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Surveying Adults & Parents

In the next few months, randomly selected adults and parents of young children will receive surveys on a variety of topics in the mail. The anonymous surveys ask questions about general physical health, mental health, nutrition, exercise, living conditions and other topics as part of a project commissioned every three years by the Healthy Lucas County coalition of community health improvement organizations.

Students ages 12 to 18 were randomly surveyed in participating Lucas County school districts in late 2022 as part of the project. Results from the anonymous surveys of Lucas County adults, school students and parents of young children will be released in the 2022/2023 Lucas County Community Health Assessment in December 2023.

Survey results provide a snapshot of the health of Lucas County residents of all ages and help identify the most pressing health-related needs and concerns. The assessment’s findings are used extensively for community planning, organizational planning and grant writing.

For example, survey results have helped bring grant funding worth millions of dollars into Lucas County. This funding has helped women have healthy babies, students walk or bike to school safely, residents manage diabetes and heart disease, and numerous other projects.

Randomly selected adults and parents of children ages 11 and younger are asked to complete the survey, which will be mailed in green envelopes. Questions can be answered on the mailed survey and returned in the provided self-addressed envelope, or questions can be answered online through the link or QR code listed on the survey.

Findings from the 2022/2023 Lucas County Community Health Assessment also will be used by the Healthy Lucas County Executive Committee and its partners to help develop the 2024-2027 Lucas County Community Health Improvement Plan. The plan will identify priorities to improve the health of Lucas County residents, outline ways to address disparities in the community, provide action steps to achieve changes that will benefit everyone, and incorporate measurements to determine whether progress is being made.

Learn more about Lucas County community health assessments by viewing results from the 2019/2020 report.

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