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Celebrate Heart Month

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Lucas County, accounting for 26% of all deaths. So for American Heart Month, follow some heart-healthy advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this February and:

  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Get enough physical activity.
  • Don’t smoke or use other forms of tobacco.
  • Limit alcohol use.

Living a healthy lifestyle helps keep your blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar normal – and lowers your risk for heart disease and heart attack, according to the CDC. About half of all Americans, the CDC says, have at least one of the three key heart disease risk factors: high blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking.

Heart Health In Lucas County

In Lucas County, 34% of adults have high blood pressure, the leading risk factor for heart disease, according to Healthy Lucas County’s 2016/2017 Lucas County Community Health Assessment. That’s enough people to fill the seats at downtown Toledo’s Huntington Center more than a dozen times.

Lucas County adults with high blood pressure are more likely to be 65 or older, rate their overall health as fair or poor, be obese, and be African American, according to the assessment. (Healthy Lucas County’s 2016/2017 African American Lucas County Health Assessment has more information about the health and well-being of African American residents.)

Meanwhile, 25% of Lucas County adults have high blood cholesterol, and 14% smoke, according to the overall assessment.

The infographic below has some more statistics about heart disease in Lucas County. To learn more about heart disease in general, click here. And be healthy, Lucas County.

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