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Healthy Lucas County is coalition of community organizations working to improve the health of all residents in Lucas County, Ohio. We’re especially focused on addressing the needs of residents living in low-income areas and lessening health disparities to help everyone live to their fullest potential.

Healthy Lucas County is supported by our funding partners. An Executive Committee governs Healthy Lucas County, and a list of our Executive Committee member organizations can be found here.

Community Health Assessment

Established in 1999, Healthy Lucas County performs a community health assessment every three years. The latest one, the 2016/2017 Lucas County Community Health Assessment with data about children, youth and adults, was released in September 2017. Healthy Lucas County also released more detailed reports on the health and well-being of African American and Latino residents as part of the 2016/2017 assessment.

This Highlights & Trends booklet includes highlights, infographics and trend summaries from the 2016/2017 assessment. This is the presentation deck from the overall county briefing, and this is the presentation deck with findings for our African American and Latino communities.

Our infographics help explain some of the assessment’s findings, including this one about conditions affecting the health of Lucas County residents, also known as social determinants of health. (Click on the infographic for a printable PDF.)

Please click the links below to view other infographics in the series:

Health Improvement Plan

Healthy Lucas County’s 2018-2021 Lucas County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), which works to improve the health status of Lucas County residents and decrease premature death. The plan also supports and aligns with Ohio’s 2017-2019 State Health Improvement Plan. The CHIP focuses the coalition’s efforts on four priority areas and multiple cross-cutting strategies that address all priorities.

Click on each priority to see its resource assessment.

Dial 2-1-1, United Way for additional Lucas County resources.

Our Initiatives

The Healthy Lucas County coalition has a number of projects. Healthy Lucas County’s chronic disease prevention and management team, for example, is increasing smoke-free housing, improving healthy food choices in corner stores, and helping low-income residents get connected to medical and social services to improve their health. Other initiatives include helping moms and babies be healthy, and providing trainings on trauma.

Want to be healthier? Here are some baby steps that we all can take.

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